Holographic VaporWave Hoodie

$49.99 USD

  • Product Description

      This aesthetic hoodie is so awesome. It says “what will you be doing tonight?”, and a cool 8 bit scene with palm trees and a pastel sunset. The word “over” is an iridescent teal blue, with matching ring detail around the sleeves. 
      • Fit: Loose
      • Material: Polyester
      • Bust: 138-142cm
      • Length: 65-67cm
      • Sleeve Length: 50-51cm

      •*¨*•.¸¸♡ BlissGirl is: Alternative Fashion ♡ Kawaii ♡ Soft Grunge ♡ Pastel Goth ♡ VaporWave ♡ Punk ♡ Retro ♡ Harajuku ♡ Aesthetic ♡ Love ♡¸¸.•*¨*•