BlissGirl Beginnings

Irina created BlissGirl to be a space for people to express their individual beauty through art and fashion.

Obsessed with pop art, photography and the flamboyant, artistic Harajuku style born from of her Grandmother’s native Japan, Irina curated an exciting collection of clothing, accessories and decorative items. 

It all started because Irina had nothing to wear. Sure, she had a closet full of clothing and accessories, but nothing seemed quite right. She remembered having so much fun dressing up for festivals and raves while growing up and wondered if she could incorporate the drama and whimsy of those styles into her daily life.

Sometimes she wondered if the only day she was truely herself was on Halloween.

One day Irina started making earrings. She was working as a graphic designer and a food server. Every day she wore all black for her server uniform, but was allowed to wear jewelry... yet she could never find the right earrings to express herself. She started gluing things together.

A few cold-brews and Bowie albums later, she had some fab, crazy-big, pop-art earrings. She wore them to her job and people began asking where they could buy them.

That gave her the idea that she could use her skills to create an online boutique, and BlissGirl.com was born.

Soon she started designing her own expressive clothing and finding other inspirational pieces to add to BlissGirl. It became an obsession and a project of love.

BlissGirl is a place for everybody who follows their bliss and it leads them to their own funky, punky, kawaii, retro, rebel, crazy, light-hearted, fun, expressive style.

Her inspiration comes from many places... film, style and art icons, music... all things bold, inspired and weird.

Style Icons

Irina hopes that you enjoy BlissGirl.com as much as she does.

“Enjoy life and live your bliss!”
XOXO Irina AKA BlissGirl

Irina with red hair