Irina started BlissGirl because she had tons of clothes and accessories yet always had nothing to wear. She also has an insatiable obsession with pop art, photography and bright colors Her hair color changed frequently.

One day she started making earrings... she could never find the right ones and one day started glueing things together. A few cold-brews and Bowie albums later, she had some fab, crazy-big pop art earrings.

She wore them to her waitressing job and had people asking where they could buy them. But that was just the beginning. Suddenly all her clothes seemed boring. She remembered the fun she had at festivals and raves growing up and decided why not dress like this always?

Her grandmother was born in Japan and Irina always loved the flamboyant, artistic Harajuku styles.

So she started designing T-Shirts and finding other fantastic inspirational pieces to add to BlissGirl. 

Soon she started meeting some other people who could confab with her. And BlissGirl was born.

She hopes BlissGirl will continue as a place for people to express their beauty and individuality through art and fashion. No limits, no shape size age or color will be a determining factor for expressing our beauty and creativity.

XOXO BlissGirl

Irina with red hair