5 Hella Rad 90s Fashion Trends Which Should Come Back

T here’s no question, the 90s rocked. So much so there has been a resurgence of 90s fashion lately, which is totally dope. As a raging teen in the 90s, I find myself enjoying this old-school nostalgia immensely.

90s Party Girls and Drew Barrymore

These girls remind me so much of the spirit of the 90s. There was no instagram, or even myspace.

No one gave a shit what they looked like or how they would turn out in photos.

We would dress for fun in the strangest ways we could. Jokes were innocently off-color and the 40 ouncers were cheap.

Oh yes, I wore my share of flannel shirts around my waist, choker necklaces (hot!), chain and stud belts, cat-eyed glasses, white sneakers, furry shoes, chunky heels (my mainstay) and combat boots (my other mainstay). I had a boyfriend in a grunge-punk band and we would have concerts in an old warehouse.

My favorite 90s fashion trends were the biggest boots I could afford as a broke teenager (second hand from the army surplus store) paired with second hand dress-slips and ripped fishnets, or huge flare pants, with a tiny spaghetti strap tank ala Gwen Stefani during the No Doubt era. Complete with the bindis between the eyes. Add many butterfly and tiny hair clips scrunchies and stuff for hair. Bright red, dark brown or black even lipstick was mad cute. Dark eyes a la Shirley Manson.

Glitter. Lots of glitter.

And my mini backpack held a surprising amount of stuff. I’ve seen some of these trends come back, along with others I didn’t like so much (Fanny packs? Seriously? Word.) 

Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love

But I have a few fashion faves to add, which I love. Here are some fresh ideas for you to rock:

1. “Pajama” Tops and Dress Slips

Hello, Courtney Love. Satin, lace camisoles and frill slips were a favorite of mine. There was something fun about wearing underwear as outerwear as an every day look, something subversive and hella cool... but really they could be worn with anything, especially oversize ripped jeans and layered under a flannel for a hot, grunge look which was the bomb.

2. Low-Rise Flare and Oversized Pants

One of the best things to wear with your little skimpy pajama top is a crazy big pair of pants. Get them to flare wide enough to cover the tops of your chunky platforms. Wear some men’s jeans a few sizes too big, and preferably ones with rips in the knees.

Also, you had to earn your ripped pants. None of this buying them pre-ripped.

Also pick out some plaid pants that fit the knee and flare out at the bottom. You could wear any of these under a dress. So fly.

3. Mini Buns

Need a cute, sassy and easy updo? Make two (or six) pony-tails and wrap them around to make sloppy mini buns that resemble cute animal ears. For real. Add some butterfly clips or a couple sparkly scrunchies and you’re totally bangin’.

4. Short Schoolgirl Skirts

Liv Tyler in Empire Records

Think Empire Records. This 90s fashion trend can be pleated, plaid or solid colors, but they must go above the knee. Wear your chunky shoes, and/or knee tube socks. Put on a crop sweater and you will look amazeballs.

5. Bandana Crop Tops

All you needed was a bandana, some string and a needle and thread. Insta-top! And going with the little top with baggy pants it fits in perfectly.

Have fun adding these in to your wardrobe and keep on keepin’ it real... because you’re all that and a bag of chips.


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  • Atlas

    I loved the 90s!

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