Volkswagen Ceramic Mug

$19.00 USD

  • Product Description

      Our Volkswagen ceramic mug is inspired by the timeless Volkswagen, adored and loved over the years. Every time you look at one, you are instantly taken back to the good old days. When things were simple and slow, and life was filled with groovy dancing and music. Bring back the love and simplicity in your life with these retro Volkswagen ceramic mugs. Start each day with a different colored mug to match the mood.

      We have created these hand painted Volkswagen ceramic mugs to help you feel the love and peace that surround them. To help ensure quality we have handcrafted these retro Volkswagen ceramic mugs using retro ceramic which is light in weight and easy to use. 

      This hand-painted, retro ceramic mug is perfect for taking camping and sipping homemade cider around the campfire singing Dylan songs. Comes in cute box.

      Make this novelty piece the perfect addition to your retro collection by getting them all!

      13.5 Ounce


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