Posted on by Irina Summer

Hello my Bliss Babes. It’s furry winter coat season and I’m lounging at a reclaimed wood table, on hand made chairs in front of a fireplace in a craft taphouse. I’m now a west coast cliche. And contemplating how to say..... Hello to all of you on my new site.

Welcome to BlissGirl. I’m Irina. I’m on a mission to make my life blissfiul. What is bliss? I’m not entirely sure. This is a work in progress. I knew life was becoming bland, like that so-so show you half-heartedly decide to binge-watch on Netflix because nothing else interests you. Yeah. My attitude needed an upgrade, so I started simple. I couldn’t find any earrings to buy which fit my ultimate earring esthetic desire. So I started making them. It was fun! And people wanted them, I was surprised!

I adore colors, large statements, punk, Warhol, girly dresses and bow ties. Crazy leggins. Fluffy, oversized faux fur jackets, sci-fi, sparkly things. I crave cassette boom boxes, record players... a desire for tactile human interaction, tactile life, tactile love. Truth, even if painful. Books. Cheesy classic movies. Ladytron on repeat. Bowie.

What is your bliss? What inspires you?

Do you make art? What kind?

Post me comments. Tell me about yourself.

I ask myself, what holds you back? My friend recently cured her fear of heights by SKY DIVING! I was inspired.

I have fear of accomplishment and actually finishing things, which I’m facing head on like a shot of tequila. Bring it!!!

Tell me. Show me your humanity. Jokes. Stories. Difficulties. Or anything. I want to connect with you.

I love you for your truth. Let’s empower each other. Let’s find our bliss.